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About Us:

Premier Airport Shuttle was established in December, 2014 to serve as the exclusive provider for 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to operate To/From San Jose, San Francisco and Oakland Airports. Premier Airport Shuttle has plans to participate in other metropolitan airports soon as well as private airports and aviations as business grows.


Premier Airport Shuttle is owned by Ben S. who has worked with local cab companies and shuttle companies in South Bay and Peninsula Region. Alongside couple of friends who work for other companies but help Premier (Ben) out to guarantee a ride for everyone. Premier Airport Shuttle offers clients a unique and vast understanding of all aspects of the transportation industry, deriving experience from related companies which provide a myriad of services in a variety of public and private sector business relationships, including experience in all types of passenger-based services such as:


  •     Ground Transportation Services

  •     Taxi Transportation Services

  •     Executive Transportation Services

  •     Paratransit Services

  •     Broker Services

  •     Non-Emergency Transportation Services

  •     Urgent and Non-Urgent Ambulance Services


In all, Premier Airport Shuttle works with other large companies to make sure you get your reservation made and are happy enough to return to our service.








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